First Shoot Stills - The Architect of Downfall Film

2014-06-28 14.00.38-1.jpg

Yesterday was CineVita Productions first shoot for The Architect of Downfall. It was a great success. We managed to get all the shots we wanted and that couldn't have been done without the amazing cast and crew members on our team.

Special thanks to Patrick, Dominic and Jason for letting us use the Silva's Grillade restaurant for the day. This classy restaurant really helped us get the look we wanted. 

Another special thanks to our very own main actor Jason for taking the wonderful still pics of our production. Next shoot, he will in front of the lens. 

All in all, good cast & crew equals a much smoother production and I thank everyone there for being a part of a great team. Good Job Everyone!!!!

Check out the pics below and stay tuned, I will be posting actual stills of what we captured behind the Blackmagic Cinema Camera.